Why does your product cost what it does?

Our products are priced competitive with other high quality products in their same category, but there are less expensive products of each kind that exist. We consistently have our products ranked above other similar products in quality and there are a number of reasons why. The ones we are most proud of are:

High Quality Natural Ingredients: We use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible and we work with the best suppliers we can find.Ethical Sourcing: We work to make sure that the ingredients, tins, labels, and all the products we use are ethically sourced and shipped. 

Handmade: We hand make every balm and oil in our line. We could outsource this to an overseas manufacturing company, but we feel strongly about the personal connection we have with each batch. Business Infrastructure: To be good stewards we pay our employees and partners a just living wage or fee. 

Business with a Mission: Above everything else Catholic Balm Co was created to do two things. Create everyday reminders of our universal call to holiness, and support Catholic ministries. We give away as much of the money as we can while still maintaining healthy business practices.

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